Trail tested

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Stevan from NC on Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Tested the ExOfficio Minimo Plaid Shirt over 5 days on 2 separate occasions, a day hike on the Mt. Mitchell Black Crest Trail and a 3 night trip on the AT, from Unaka Mtn to 19E on the NC-TN border. Pros: super-lightweight, dries crazy fast, cool in direct sun, and feels great while wearing. Cons: lack of sleeve tabs and lackluster durability.

On the day hike the shirt performed well, providing excellent ventilation and sun protection while drying quickly. Noticed a loose thread that needed to be re-stitched and a few frays where a thorn or stick had caught the super-light fabric, but overall the shirt was in excellent shape after a rugged day on the trail.

On the AT, the shirt again performed well against sun, rain, and sweat. The sleeves stayed up well despite the lack of tabs... thinking I only had to re-adjust the rolled sleeves twice the entire trip. As this was the go-to-shirt for hiking on the trip, it saw 4 consecutive days of use and managed odors well.

The shirt definitely performed as advertised, but I am disappointed with the lack of durability. The left sleeve near the shoulder has thinned and is heavily "picked", with the material clumped in small knots (attempted uploading picture). Not sure exactly sure as to the cause of this issue, but due to the location thinking it was not due to friction with the pack strap. Overall this is a great shirt and performs extremely well, just don't plan on using as a casual shirt after a few days on the trail.

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