fabric not as nice as the short sleeve version

Reviewed by allroad from mountains and high desert on Friday, June 17, 2016
I really like these ExOfficio Air Strip shirts but the fabric in the long sleeve version is thinner, lighter, more gossamer than the reportedly identical fabric in the short sleeve version. This observation based on several examples in multiple colors in both short and long sleeve. Each of the Short sleeve examples I have, the fabric feels like a quality light cotton and has a nice hand and feel. This is remarkable because it has the technical advantages of three quarters nylon, one quarter polyester, but has the feel and livability of cotton. This makes the short sleeve version more versatile because it's not as limited to super hot situations where a gossamer silky and more see-through shirt is called for. This long sleeves version fabric is just that--feels more silky, thinner, less substantial, hangs differently (cotton hangs with a nice stiffness which the short sleeves fabric emulates; the long sleeve doesn't hang but clings as is wispy like silk). This fabric quality I dislike in the long sleeve may be just what others are looking for and it's not a bad thing in itself. But if you have the short sleeve version and like it, be aware this fabric feels quite different.
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