If you like warmth, light weight, and pockets...

Reviewed by power walker from Vegas on Wednesday, November 30, 2016
...then grab this superb piece. There are so many pockets that I don't know what to do with them. I love that my Ipad mini fits easily into the biggest one of them so they have some nice size too. It easily keeps you warm at 30° temperature and probably lower than that but I have not experienced it that cold so I cannot say for sure. This jacket is very warm though and you'll feel lit the instant that you put it on. There is no need for a lot of layering with this one! Just a T-shirt is fine. The beautiful part, of course, is that it is extremely light and still keeps you that warm. Too bad it does not have a hood. That is where I would have loved to have more protection. The jacket, however, is superb at being light, warm, and functional while looking good. For sizing purposes, it is a little larger than other jackets I own so if you normally wear a large, you might find yourself fitting better into a medium. I got the galaxy/blue and the cigar/brown colors and they are both sharp, too.
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