warm, stretchy

Reviewed by Professional Ellie from Chicago, IL on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
I got the plum and the color is wonderful. The fit is great (size seems consistent with other ExOfficio products).

A couple things you should make sure you know
-This is not lined
-It is not highly structured and has some stretch
-The weight is pretty thick, but is definitely not a coat. Jacket is the right word for it.
-On mine, the hand pockets are along the side of the flaps (which are just decorative). In the photo it looks like you unsnap the flap and the zipper is under there, but that is not how mine is.

My complaint is that it ends up looking too casual on me. In the photo, the [super thin] model looks quite sharp in the jacket, but on me it looks far far more unstructured. It ends up giving the look of a tailored sweatshirt or a wilting pea coat. As an XL, I feel prone to looking more frumpy anyway if I am not careful and this jacket just didn't help.

I had hoped to have it as an alternative to a now-slightly-too-small pea coat I often wear to work (with layers of other things), but I don't think it will work for me in that area. On a more slender person, I think it may have worked for this purpose.

It is super cozy and warm and I totally LOVE the color, so I am still trying to decide if I will keep it for casual use.
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