Ready for my 3 full days / 2 nights hike

Reviewed by Fred Bar from Florida on Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Sorry but STP uploaded the pics in the orientation seen. My experience is in short hikes (overnighters to 4 days) on the AT, the Pemi Loop in the Whites, Rocky Mountain National Park and Ocala in Florida, from subfreezing/snow conditions to summer hell with ticks. The pics here depict how I can, at a full 13 lb 8 oz load, do 3 full days / 2 nights in 3 season FL or Summer in the Whites. Yes, those are two 1 L bottles on each pocket tied in with the bungee. No you will have to take off the pack to put them back into their pockets. There is also a 500 ml bottle on top in the front shoulder strap. Water is my biggest worry since I've been on close calls before replenishing, ergo 2.5 L plus a 750ml empty water bag neatly folded.The item on the outside in the back is my cheapo WFS bivy tent without the rainfly. The side hip pockets each has a bar for snacking during the day. What is inside? From right to left above the top side of the bag, The SOL single person emergency blanket for groundcover, on top of that a sandwich bag containing: my oware teeny tarp(for rainfly)/vargo titanium stakes and some bungee/cord. One underwear/shirt/sock pr combo, one bag with: repellent, small fast dry towel, plastic bag for my shoes, blinkers as 'eyes' to keep the larger critters at bay, xtra battery and a spoon. Next is the Big Agnes Air Core 48 x 20 x 3.25 (I am a side sleeper, I need the extra width) and inside of it a heavy inflatable pillow. On the far end the green bag is my food bag (2 pop-up cans of sausages, 2 energy shots, 2 salmon pouches, 2 kind bars, 2 metrx bars, 2 power bars, 2 nature valley breakfast bars) and the orange item is the SOL Emergency Bivvy which I use as a sleeping bag in mild weather. Checkout the fit on me, I am 6 feet, 200 lbs so the chest strap is all the way down and the sides straps are stretched close to the end, not recommended for heavier and taller types.. It is rather comfortable and tight so not a lot of sag/movement. I do use hiking poles. All this U/L stuff but it would be even better if I lost a good 25 lbs! This is more than what I asked for and bought if for ($37.49) for a fast hiking experience.
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