Airy 3-season

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Tom Joad from Tennessee on Wednesday, July 6, 2016
It's as light weight as a previous 2 person tent so I bought the 3 person for two people for a bit of added room. I've pitched it once to examine the living space and it has very nice headroom and airflow even with the fly attached and zipped up. Airflow could be a problem in a strong storm with rain possibly blowing up underneath the fly and over the low cut tub portion of the tent, but, I'm not keen on camping in storms anyway and that's what the extra room is for, in case weather surprises adjust the placement of sleeping bags or to use material such as a poncho to block the weather. Word of advice for pitching, thanks to experience with a similar design, is to pitch the small end into the wind but that's not always an option and predicting wind direction in mountains during storm passage is often a futile exercise.

This is not a freestanding tent so it requires stakes to pitch, however, the design really caught my eye as it's very similar to a Frostline tent of old which built an excellent wind resistant reputation for itself. Although that tent was a 4 season, the idea of drawing tension between two aircraft aluminum hoops is the same. The fly pitches so that 2 entrances and vestibules are created on the long sides, a nice touch for middle of the night needs, and fly stakes provide angles and tensioning favorable to resisting wind. I hope this proves to be the case and I'll revisit this to give a wind review when the opportunity arises.

The quality of material and workmanship appears to be excellent but only time will tell whether cut fabric frays and stitches hold. Nice touches are the tent bag with exterior pole pouch, carrying handle, repair patch, and tent pole segment in case a pole breaks. At that, I can't imagine how one of these poles could break.