Vacillated a while, but finally purchased

Reviewed by Aunt S.N. Mapantz from California on Saturday, April 15, 2017
I studied this watch for awhile. For me, the question was, is it worth the quartz movement v. a good Seiko automatic diver watch? At the retail price, no way in hell would this watch win out, but for the STP price, yeah, I went ahead and purchased it. It is really, really, really, well made. The only thing I am dissatisfied with in any way is that it does not come in the normal Filson wooden box with the metal placard designating who assembled the watch. It's a minor thing, and for the discounted price, there is no justifiable way to say I'd rather pay another $500,000 for that stupid piece of tin (exaggerating). I love this watch. I really have a new everyday time piece that I see people looking at and looking at me completely different light.

I don't know if that makes sense, but this is a really handsome accessory that makes you more handsome - as stupid as that may sound, it's just a subjective account of my experience with wearing this watch for several days. It's not going to regrow hair on your bald head. It's a [...] good watch. Grab it.
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