Good Hat, Cheap Price

Reviewed by Jeffrey from Salt Lake City on Thursday, March 9, 2017
I purchased the Green one, and immediately cut off the rope going over the brim, as I thought it was pretty ugly. After that, the hat has been great. It's not one I would have been willing to pay full retail for, but I've worn it several times both in casual conditions and through rough weather. Kept my head dry, but is also very well ventilated, and is super comfortable.

The fit of this hat is slightly different, but it's neither uncomfortable or unattractive. The top of the hat has a lot of extra room, much like a trucker cap, but the material isn't rigid like a trucker cap, so it falls down to meet your scalp, rather than staying up high and displaying the logo. I'm attaching a picture for reference. (Sorry if the photo quality is poor. It's a small piece of a big photo)
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