These have no wool content.

Reviewed by lf from TN on Friday, April 8, 2016
These are 59% nylon, not 59% wool.

I sacrificed one pair to the returns gods to try them out, in case they were spectacular. They're not; although they are pretty nice socks they weren't good enough that I could overlook STP's mislabeling. Back the others go.

The good:
- a week's hard wearing and several washes caused no pilling, weave problems, or loose threads that I can see.
- the price seemed good

The bad:
- they're a little stuffy, and don't breathe as well as a wool sock, even on a spring day in the mid-60s
- although they aren't terrible, they are smellier than wool, as a short backpacking trip showed me
- the cushioning is a little bulky. Fine in sneakers/keens/etc but made my cycling shoes feel tighter than I liked. Think the texture and thickness of high-quality men's crew socks, not smart wool cycling or running socks.
- I like my socks on the snug side, because a heel that rides up drives me nuts. Seemed a touch loose out of the package, shrank to perfect after a wash and dry, but stretched out again during a day's wearing. I got the medium, and my shoe size is a women's 8-8.5 or a european 39.

Go ahead and get them if cushier synthetic socks are your thing, and you'll probably like them fine.
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