If zero stars were an option...

Reviewed by K-Town shopper from near Knoxville, TN on Saturday, March 19, 2016
...this product would get it. I have owned various salad spinners since the 70s. Never have I seen one as bad as this one. The flimsy plastic basket that holds the lettuce does not keep it contained; lettuce ends up escaping the basket when spun. This result: having to pick pieces of lettuce out of the very water the spinner is supposed to remove from it. Lest I forget the grater/chopper function, it is even worse than the spinner itself. It completely made a mess of a red pepper (I know how to use a grater, btw), and forget celery. It mashes up vegetables into indistinguishable masses, if that's what you're after...I tried this unit two times, and during the second try, it ended up in the trash! What a waste of money! I didn't even want to donate it to charity because I didn't want to subject anyone else to this bad, bad item.
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