Good work belt for the money

Reviewed by Steve from PA on Thursday, July 27, 2017
The photos are an accurate depiction of the quality of this belt. It's made in China and has the predictable cheesy, glossy finish that one associates with Asian-made leather products. The leather is also that typical amalgamated, bonded leather; it's certainly nothing like full top-grain or anything close. The embossing is likewise pretty cheaply done. Again, study the photos, because what you see in them is what you will get.

All this said, this is an entirely adequate belt for work or outdoor use. The fact that it tapers up to almost two inches in width makes it good if you plan on hanging gadgets such as sheaths or shell pouches or the like off of it. It is plenty thick and should last a long time. While it should serve well to keep your pants up and maybe hold some accessories, don't expect it to look like anything other than what it is: an inexpensive, Chinese-made belt.

Wait for one of STP's ridiculously good sales to maximize the best attribute of this belt: the lowest possible price.