“Can these skins be trimmed down to fit skis with 97 mm waist?”

Asked by Curious from MA on 10/12/2016 9:26:48 PM
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    //To purchase climbing skins you need to answer the following questions:

    What are the dimensions of your skis (tip, waist, and tail)?
    How long are your skis?
    What type of attachment system do you want?
    Choose skins based on the width of the widest part of your ski, the tip. You want the width of the skin to be narrower than the tip of your ski by about 5-6 mm. If you can't locate the perfect size, it's usually fine to go slightly narrower. You will then trim the sides of the skin to match the shape of your skis. Some skins come in pre-cut lengths, while others must be trimmed to the correct length.//
    Answered on 10/14/2016 3:10:39 PM by bill from folsom, ca