Great Boots 2 in 1 for me!!!

Reviewed by frankie, foreign service from DC/ Salzburg on Monday, September 26, 2016
In the last twenty years I've been to almost forty counties all over North America spending quite a bit of time in the mountains of Vermont, West Virginia, Maryland, Wyoming among others including areas in Mexico and Canada with a trip coming up to Iceland.
I also spent a great deal of time in both eastern & western Europe working in various capacities; the development, coordination, facilitation and the implementation of grants for small and large programs with both small local and international nongovernmental agencies for the first few years.
Then once I gained an understanding of the language and the cultural idiosyncrasies of the region I moved into diplomatic work first spending a few months both learning and tweaking the local election laws and mandates and then training local staff in the process. And ultimately working hand in hand with UN, NATO and in that specific case the SFOR and KFOR military forces where we lived on their bases to accomplish this work.
Shoes were probably the most important choice to make as often in these areas you were stuck with the clothes on your back and limited to a 20 kilo backpack as you never knew where you'd be the next day and if power and water would be available day to day and location to location
I always needed a pair of hybrid type dress/sneakers and a pair of waterproof breathable boots GoreTex almost being an absolute MUST.
Over the past ten years I have had to use two pair but I just started wearing the Garmont Civetta GoreTex Hiker and they preformed perfectly in wet weather temps from 45 to 80 degrees with out getting too hot. They breath really well and I can tell they have as much insulation as the winter Garmont GoreTex boots I have used in conjunction with a pair of Zamberlain GoreTex hikers for the past ten years but my feet can get cold when it drops below 10 degrees in the Zamberlain hikers so the only way I avoided frost bite was by using both pairs of boots and/or variations of sole inserts.
I have a great feeling these boots will do the trick and cover temps from -20 to 75 degrees.
They fit like a glove and have no seams and are tough as they come, no doubt 100% WaterProof!! They allow me to add thicker socks and or an added sole for temps below 10 degrees and for situations where you are stuck in your boots for days at a time when inserts must be infused with charcoal or other chemicals that combat damp conditions leading to the creation of bothersome micro-organisms. The insets that come with these boots provide outstanding support and only time will tell how they do with micro-organisms and whether or not I need to replace them. At first glance they have the look and feel of the modern inserts that are infused with charcoal and or bamboo or other high carbon substances that don't allow damp conditions and thus the cells that thrive and create the negative issues that can cause major problems.
They are incredibly comfortable and I did not go through the blister phase that are typical of new boots of this caliber after putting 5-6 miles on them medium conditions and surfaces.
I will check back in once winter conditions hot and I get into some snow and ice but think I've found the best boot I've had in the last 20 years.
Grip is outstanding in all conditions
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