Look out for the UK sizing (not US) Mondo is the same.

Reviewed by BobD from MN on Thursday, December 31, 2015
I bought these after seeing a review on epicski, that compared them to the Doberman WC boots, but with a narrower heel area.
I would say, that is exactly what they are. Slightly wider in the forefoot maybe, but narrower around the heel. In the 26.0, they were very similar in overall sizing to the Nordicas. The liner that came with the boot was too thick for me, so I used the thin lace up liner from the Doberman WC boots I have.

The main reason I bought them was that the review I read said that these were easier to put on, and take off. I would say they are marginally easier. I had to put the liner on first with the Dobermans, which I didn't like because the footbed would get displaced during ther struggle to get the boots on. I am able with some talc, to put the Garmonts on with the liner already in the boot. Taking the boots off was slightly easier.

Out of the box, the flex seems to be a true 130, again similar to the Dobermans, the couple of times I have used them so far.