“Are this boots too warm for summer use?”

Asked by civi68 from Pennsylvania on 3/20/2016 8:05:49 AM
  • Absolutely not.
    Answered on 3/20/2016 8:10:09 AM by Ranger Bob from 07840
  • Like most hiking boots, they are water-resistant. However, they don't weigh much and they do breath well. Make sure you have a good pair of light wool socks and these are the perfect boots year-round.
    Answered on 3/20/2016 8:21:00 AM by Hikerjon from Virginia
  • I have been wearing them in mid seventies weather with no problem, not sure about hotter weather. I can say they are my favorite boots right now and I wear them everyday for walks. Very comfortable and well made. Garmont hit a home run with these boots. I have also worn them all day as casual wear indoors and out and they were very comfortable and not too warm.
    Answered on 3/20/2016 8:49:38 AM by Rob the metal detecting nut from Alabama
  • They should be ok with lighter socks. They do breathe, but anything with gore tex is going to retain a bit of heat in my experience. I was ok in 65deg thus far, haven't tried them with anything warmer. That was with full wooly's on too.
    Answered on 3/21/2016 12:19:35 AM by Tizodm80 from New Hampshire
  • I would think that these would work well for summer use. Gore-Tex is very breathable. However, there is not a specific temperature rating.
    Answered on 3/21/2016 2:59:38 PM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post