most bang for the buck

Reviewed by bob from colorado on Thursday, January 9, 2014
First off you would pay more for a fitted baseball cap. If you have experienced the differance between a fitted cap and a non, then you know the differance in comfort level..this feature or feather helmet fits like a fitted hat. I have 3 helmets, my wife has 2, no need to brow beat those helmets, but they will all now be back ups to the giro. I am a helmet geek I have looked at and reviewed all helmets. The number 1 thing that eliminates one helmet from another is the strap location...straps must be attached to the out side rim of the helmet not coming from inside the helmet, if they come from inside the helmet they now interfere with you. A helmet is there to be seen and function not be in the way .if straps come out of the inside of the helmet they are in the way of can now eliminate 3/4 of all helmets. This narrow you choices down duramatically. Even Troy lees famous helmet has the back triangle strap comming from inside helmet. Now they route the strap behind the adjustment to keep it out of the way But come onTroy lee .put the straps on the outside of shell..I believe with all my pet peeves about helmets. That the giro feature or feather is the best bang for the buck, even at full price.
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