I cannot be sure it works....

Reviewed by ADK Hiker from Northern NY on Thursday, June 1, 2017
I received this product packaged in a plastic bag that did not appear to be manipulated or altered in any sort of way. I didn't use the product immediately, but waited a while before attempting to waterproof a rain jacket. After washing the jacket according to the instructions, I went to spray the damp jacket with the Granger's spray. I noticed that the bottle sprayed a light sprinkle, but upon pulling the trigger again, nothing came out. I opened the bottle and immediately noticed a curdled skim milk look in the bottle with a rubbery, string-like material coming out of the tube. I pulled the tube out and gave it a quick burst of air (chunks came out). I was going to put the tube back in, but I couldn't because another rubbery string was hanging from the trigger body. I fished that out with a pair of tweezers and then put the tube back. I got one more spray out of it and then repeated the spray tube cleanout process. By the third time, I gave up. Basically this material appears like it saw some heat history or something and the waterproofing agent fell out of solution (or there is supposed to be a co-solvent and that evaporated from the bottle). Either way, the water proofing polymer was no longer available to spray onto the garment. Normally I would send this back as a return, but I already did that for something else on the same order (not a good shipment for me) and STP sent that replacement to me for free. That replacement with the free shipping is better than the cost of this product that I got on sale. So basically, I like STP and would rather have them be around for future purchases, than nickel and dime them for this defective product. This low rating might prompt STP to check their liquid products before shipping them and maybe have them work with their supplier (Granger) to do some quality control on their product.
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