Happy Boots

Reviewed by New England Mama from Northern New England on Monday, January 6, 2014
I bought the Granite Gear's Dog Clogs trail shoes despite the poor reviews, because the price was right and I had a hunch they would work for my Golden Doodle. I was desperate to find something to prevent pain from ice jams that make her paws bleed and city street salt that makes her yelp and limp. I ordered a medium--although she is 60 lbs; she does not have very big paws. After initial hilarious goose stepping and cartoon antics, my dog figured out how to walk in the house, and the minute she got outside in the snow she was ecstatic. She knows these shoes have changed her life, and when we go out, she gladly offers her paws to get shod. They are a bit tricky to put on just right, but the key is to get the pad of the paw all the way into the boot just over the rubber soles and then bind the ankles tight with the velcro so they stay on in that position. Once they are on right, they stay on, and she doesn't seem to notice or mind them at all. They look cute, and she walks pretty in them--pain free, with lots of admiration and compliments everywhere we go. The shoes are beautifully made with a lovely nylon sack to keep them together when not being worn.
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