Granite Gear packs rock

Reviewed by jaimee from Tahoe on Saturday, December 19, 2015
This is my 2nd GG pack. Haven't taken it out yet, but i like the design a lot. In case you need the info: GG makes unisex packs: the pack itself is either a short or long torso, thats it. From there the components are customized: men's shoulder straps in 4 sizes, womens in 3; ditto waistbelts. The pack that STP is selling here is semi-customized in that it's got components for men, presumably size M. The good news is that GG will take your new straps and waistbelt and exchange them for free for the ones you need. Call them and ask for the exchange form. You pay shipping of like $10.

If you're wondering how popular these packs are, I saw quite a few (besides mine) on the JMT last summer. Theyre light, study, and comfortable. The fact that they dont have a lot of extra space is actually good, as it forces you to trim your load.
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