Tough and Lightweight

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Michael, Wilderness Explorer from Texas on Monday, April 25, 2016
I really like this bag. I bough both the toughsack and the air bag to compare and determine what works best for me.
I still don't know. Both are great.

Both are light and both are tougher than you might think.

The toughsack has a white liner that makes it easy to see the contents in the bottom. This is more important than you might think.
The Air Bag is somewhat see through so you can see the bottom with ease since light penetrates the bag.

Really it comes down to if you want a Super lightweight bag that is pretty tough (Air Bag)
You want a Super tough bag that is pretty lightweight (Toughsack).

The difference in weight is well balanced with the difference in strength.
Both are Great. Both are light. Both are Tough.
I will use both and recommend both.

Which will I buy in the future if they both cost the same?
I hesitantly say I will buy the Air bag line if they cost the same. I like them both but I don't plan on being hard enough on the bags to make either break and the TINY bit of weight savings puts the Air bag line ahead for me.

However, If I was to spend time in climbing situation or an extended trip situation in deep brush. I would pick the Toughsack line.

OR one more thing. After I had them both, I bought another from the tough sack line because the SIZE fit my needs. They are so close in quality and design that the size determined the purchase that time.

Both are great and I recommend both.

I hope this helps.
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