Here's an inexpensive, high quality alternative

Reviewed by Tara the thrifty crafty asthmatic from New York City on Friday, June 28, 2013
Go to a pet store. Puchase cedar wood shavings (for guinea pig cages, gerbils, hamsters, etc.) You will get a HUGE bag for this same cost. Puchase muslin bags, or cheese cloth, or cotton bags or anything that will hold them will let the scent through. Fill bags. Hang. Voila! You can also sprinkle at the bottom of containers, but put wax paper over them or chips will get stuck to the cedar. Cedar cat litter will also work, but... it is sandy and will; get all over. And if you have cats, they might misinterpret your intentions. ;) Also, if you add eucalyptus and lavender, these will do triple duty. Actually, I make a eucalyptus spray by filling a spray container with water and adding drops of eucalyptus oil or essence. I spray my clothes with it. You need to refresh maybe once a week. Or you can use lavender, or both. This technique works even without cedar. I've lost wardrobes to moths, so... Make sure what you buy is natural-- no chemical additives as they are NOT NECESSARY! And they are harmful. I have asthma and all of these techniques work for me. :)
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