I'm so happy I bought these.

Reviewed by Jane from Southern California on Tuesday, February 17, 2015
I live in a beautiful community with an entire wall of windows that look out on a canal. Our little corner happens to be designed a bit poorly so that all the houses practically face each other. This was fine before but now my elderly neighbors are dying one by one and here come the real estate agents and their enthusiastic victims. The last house took 8 months to sell. Now that the second neighbor has just passed away, before it all begins again, I've got these curtains up and they're perfect. They let in most of the light but provide a hazy appearance from outside. No more looking up from my breakfast to a bunch of curious faces. Felt a bit like being a zoo animal, found myself tempted to scratch under my arms and bare my teeth. I'll still need my heavy curtains for the winter but these went up so easily, that I couldn't be happier. Yes there are some threads dangling and I strongly suggest you trim the tags off if the tops will have window behind them, but what do people expect for this price? I don't live in the Taj Mahal. My husband's a hobby mechanic with boats, motorcycles and cars to fix. We have a dog and two sons living at home still. With a coupon, I got 6 packages for $60 and covered the entire window and then some.
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