High End, Top Quality

Reviewed by Mia in Arvada from Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, May 3, 2014
I learned the hard way that there is NO substitute for a quality sleeping bag. I took a non-brand sleeping bag to Iceland and nearly froze my rear off in the fall 2013. I was so miserable that I ended up buying a sleeping bag for $200 the next day. The second sleeping bag was nice and warm but weighed like a ton. It was a good thing I wasn't backpacking through Iceland; I rented a car so carrying the second sleeping bag wasn't an issue until I tried to get it on the plane. It forced me to check in my luggage because it was too large for carry-on.

When I got back to the States I decided to do some research on sleeping bags - some ran high as $1500 and up. That's ridiculous! I'm not camping in the Antarctic but if I were, I'd take my cues from the Innuits of Greenland, the Dukha of Mongolia or the Sami of Russia. They know how to bed down - probably with lots of dead animal skins. Anyway, the Haglofs 15°F Hypna 3S Down Sleeping Bag was on sale, I grabbed it up. It is one of the best (and smartest) decisions I ever made - (four sleeping bags later!). This sleeping bag is a dream. I'm sorry to see it sold out but if you're serious about camping, skip all the "trying to save money" on camping gear and get the right sleeping bag. You don't have to sell your first child to get a decent sleeping bag. Start out with a Haglofs and upgrade from there as needed.
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