So far so good

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Ed from GA on Wednesday, March 21, 2018
When the fake leather veneer on my Hi-Tec Altitude shoes began pealing off the front of the shoes I was so disgusted and disappointed I swore I'd never buy another pair of Hi=Tec shoes. But the excellent sale price and good looks of the Hi=Tec Ox Discovery Low Hiking shoes tempted me so much I decided despite my misgivings to give Hi-Tec another try. When I first put the shoes on I thought "This is really comfortable". But almost immediately I realized the top of my instep was hurting. The fold of the gusseted tongue was pushing on the instep and would have bruised it. I almost sent the shoes back but because they were otherwise comfortable and good looking I decided to give them a longer tryout. I cut up some old insoles and made pads for the instep. I wore the the shoes with those pads for a week. By that time the tongue had compressed and no longer hurt my foot. I had no further need of the special pads and I would now rate the shoes as very comfortable. . Nevertheless, I knocked off one star for that as i don't think making special pads should be necessary when buying new shoes. The memory foam insoles are very comfortable. If, as I have read in reviews for other shoes, the memory foam collapses after a period of time I will replace them with other insoles. I always change the insoles in hiking shoes anyway. This is the first time I've not done it so I wouldn't consider that a big drawback. There appears to be a shank under the heel and arch but not under the forefoot. You can feel the rocks in that area but unless you are carrying a heavy backpack on rough trails I don't think it will matter much as the soles are thick. These shoes certainly protect your feet as much as trail running shoes. The shoes give you a good feel for the trail, are quite stable and not too heavy. The round waxed laces as usual are difficult to keep tight but generally double knotting them will do the job. Because of my disappointment with the Hi-Tec Altitudes I waited a month before writing this review so I could better judge the shoes. I realize that even a month is perhaps not enough time to really rate hiking shoes so if at a later date I find that these shoes have any faults not mentioned above I will update this review.
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