Worth Every Penny

Reviewed by Artback from Illinois on Tuesday, September 24, 2013
I've been contemplating buying a Hickey Freeman suit for a while now and truly could not refuse the deal presented by STP. This is my first suit from STP and pricing was substantially better than what I can achieve on Hickey Freeman through any of the department store outlets such as N******** R***.

This is a mid weight suit of excellent quality. I travel to Hong Kong occasionally on business and have been meaning to be fitted for a bespoke suit (or two) yet this one is of comparable quality with a bonus of being made in the USA.. I am fortunate in that the fit is just about perfect except for minor alterations in length.

I am not overly knowledgeable in suit construction and fabric quality so I deferred to the expertise of my tailor. This is a high volume operation that also crafts custom suits. I inquired if my Hickey Freeman was all that it is reported to be and she stated confidently that HF suits are worth every penny. Little did she know I bought it at STP for less than the price I've typically paid for lesser off the rack suits made in Asia.

I own several Joseph Abboud suits made in the US and they have withstood the test of time. This HF suit seems a cut above. Interestingly, Joseph Abboud has a leadership role in the company that owns Hart Schaffner and Marx and Hickey Freeman.

If I can get this quality, made in America and at STP pricing, I'll feel really good about not purchasing a bespoke suit in Hong Kong . This suit can run with the custom suits, and made in the USA is a real bonus.