Pocket shaped, Small capacity

Reviewed by Inaliel mama scout from NoCal on Monday, June 9, 2014
The low profile design means it is cut like a flat pocket with no gussets for volume. This means it has a smaller capacity than it's appearance especially once it curves around the body. I'm 5'3 with 36" hips (female) so it goes hip to hip for me and the curve further reduces the capacity. It rather feels like an apron pocket than a fanny pack. If you are wider and have washboard stomach, it would have slightly more capacity. It could possibly fit ID card, cash, an energy bar, and an tiny mp3 player. I don't need to carry much more than that (sunglasses would be good, and a snack or two more) but the curvature makes it very snug; my hand fits in rather snugly when it's empty as it is. It doesn't work for my purposes. The quality otherwise is nice. This is more for walking the dog, or a situation when you are wearing clothes with no pockets and wouldn't carry more than you would in two jean pockets.