Great bag set

Reviewed by CoMom from Colorado on Tuesday, April 5, 2016
I've been travelling with this rolling set for a couple of years now, and find it very convenient. I can either push or pull it easily and the handle is long (I'm short and it's almost too long). You definitely must zip off the smaller front pack to get on a plane with it, just to carry it down the aisle, but when separated, the front part holds my laptop, book, coat, water bottle, and all of the numerous smaller things like earbuds, a snack, keys, and cellphone in the smaller front pocket. The small pack easily goes under the seat in front of me with plenty of room to spare. I once also placed the larger bag under the seat as well, but not with the two connected. Usually, I place the larger part in the overhead bin, though on the little regional jets, I usually gate check it, as it's pretty tight in the bins on the Embraer and CR jets that United/American use in the mountains. I can fit many pieces of clothing and shoes in the larger part, probably two pairs shoes, all my toiletries, and 4-5 pants, same # of shirts, under/night things. Again, I'm a smaller woman, but this set really holds plenty for 5 days. So far, absolutely no rips, tears, wheel problems, etc. This past week, I simply slipped the strap on the back of the small daypack down over the handle when I exited the plane, and I found that this gave me more of a tall, upright set, instead of the low to the ground, but very "fat and deep" zipped together bags. It takes a few minutes to re-zip the two together especially fully loaded, and one has to lay the larger bag on its' back to do that. Lots of options here for carry on travel! I have never used the larger part as a backpack, as it is just too heavy for me fully loaded.
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