Sturdy construction, all chrome, and expandable

Verified Buyer Reviewed by SecretCity Bargain Shopper from Tennessee on Sunday, July 10, 2016
I have used this rack several times for lots of small items and it worked very well. I haven't tried heavier items like sweatshirts, but the rack is very sturdy, and can support a lot more than shorts and socks. It is chrome all over so it won't mildew and is easy to wipe down, if need be. I didn't buy it because of its expandability (it starts 19" wide but slides out to become 30.5" wide), but that is an interesting feature. I could see that being an attractive feature for a small apartment or dorm room.

The only critical observation I have, however, is a side-effect of this expandabililty feature: there are plastic "bumpers" at the end of each hanging rod (in its compressed/non-expanded state) that end up being near the middle of each rod when you expand it. I often use my rack for hanging t-shirts to dry, and the "bumper" makes a bump in the middle of the rod. So that means a wide item, like a shirt, will have a little bump in the middle as it dries, leaving a slight bulge in that spot. This isn't a show stopper, but for me, it limits the usefulness somewhat. I will use this rack for smaller items, and my other, wider (bumpless) rack for the t-shirts and such.
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