Gr8 Pick-Me-Up

Reviewed by Ritapita from Buford, GA (N. ATL) on Friday, September 4, 2015
I bought all of the flavors evaporated for 1, just to see which ones my family liked best. Two came out on top: The Lemon & the Honey flavors. Very tasty! They taste like a combo of a cookie & a muffin. Not the consistency, which is kinda like an almost-stale sugar wafer, but the flavor. I personally liked the Ginger, which was a little like a Snap without the bite, but was just "ok" with my kids, but I don't think that anyone really liked the Chocolate...too artificial tasting. Which is a shame - Nobody should ruin the taste of CHOCOLATE , for Goodness sake! Which is why I did not order the Strawberry flavor since all the reviews said it tasted "fake" or artificial. Plus, it's not a favorite of mine & since I bought them...

Overall, these Wafers are a favorite snack for my 9th & 10th grade girls, since they have to go to school at 6:00 in the morning & need a pick-me-up around 3 or 4th periods (lunch is 6th). I like them with my tea break around 3:30 when I get the afternoon sleepies. No, we are not athletes who go hiking or go to the gym at the drop of a hat. We are just ordinary artist-type folk who like to try new smalls that are relatively healthy & give our allow metabolism a boost. These are good for that. And the Honey flavored are the best, Lemon in second place, Ginger in 3rd, Choc'lit if you're starving & Strawberry to throw at someone who is bothering you. That's my story & I'm stickin' to it!
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