Great product

Reviewed by Sierra Fan from Southeast, USA on Monday, January 18, 2016
Pleased with my multiple purchases of this coat, especially at STP's low, low prices. Great jacket, very easy to use: Slip over head, pull the underbelly portion into place, and buckle strap around the body to secure; then line up the logo at the base of the upper cape with the dog's tail, slip hind legs one at a time into elastic leg straps, and adjust neckline as needed...done and easy. Length from base of neck to tail is the first most important measurement...cannot be too short or too long. Secondly, the neck opening must go over the dog's head comfortably...slightly too big will work thanks to the drawcord in the neckline, but too small will not work at all. Thirdly, the girth measurement...lots of room to adjust this by sliding the buckles on the strap as needed, so is forgiving. These three measures must be taken into account to get a good fit. Ordered 4 coats in Size 18, meant for 4 different dogs. The 18 ended up fitting only 2 of those 4 dogs...the other 2 dogs are visually close in size to the ones that the 18 fits, but are stockier males so the coats were too small. Still extremely happy with the purchase - 2 dogs now have 2 Hurtta raincoats each for wearing now and that will be for everyday use, and one each for the future or for "dress-up" cafe or social and vet visits. Lightweight but sturdy waterproof fabric with soft mesh lining is enough protection for my active dogs to wear during cold weather outdoor playtime here in the South, but not warm enough for colder climates or for outside-only dogs (bring your dogs inside!), so for mine the Hurtta Adjustable Raincoat For Dogs will serve as both a windbreaker jacket and as a raincoat. Tough materials so expect to last many seasons. Don't leave on indoors if there are multiple active dogs who might tear it up while playing, and the elastic straps and other features make it unsuitable for sleep/lounging, but GREAT for its intended purpose - protection from rain or wind while on walks and when going out to do business on rainy or colder days. The design and quality are impressive, and my eldest dog loves hers and feels very special and loved wearing it. Clearly she is pleased with the caring it represents, and many outings into the backyard where she is very active have proven the design to be comfortable. No issues whatsoever with any aspect or component of the design...stays on as intended and does not interfere with potty or other activities!!! The original retail price seems high but I think the quality of design and materials justifies that cost --- so STP shoppers are getting a real bargain. This is a serious product - a lot of thought and care went into the design, plus top-notch quality materials and components in every detail. Definitely a win for your dog and for you -- when you've figured out the sizing, which admittedly is very confusing as presented.
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