Fantastic for incontinent little guys

Reviewed by Kp from Frankie's house on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
The fit on this alternative to a belly band is fantastic! It is sleek and form sitting and covers my min pin's boy parts like a well-fitting jock strap. I with held one star because there are two things that detract from it being perfect.
1. The elastic band doesn't unclip, so you have to put it on over his head, or over his back legs. If it clipped open and closed, it would be easier to get on a wiggly dog.
2. The fabric doesn't hold enough liquid if your dog actually tries to pee. So I just cut a maxi pad into thirds and stick it into the pouch. My dog peed for the first time with it on this morning and the maxi pad absorbed all the liquid and there was no mess. I think most of the time, this product discourages him from trying to pee. And actually, I'd rather have a disposable insert than wash the thing every time he pees.
Excellent product, I highly recommend it even with the two points above.
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