• I have purchased 3 of the Hurta Y dog harness'. I have a 62lb Golden Retriever and I can tell you from experience that the dogs will still pull with this harness. I like it because it's a quality product and stays put on the dog a little easier because it uses neoprene on the bottom and lower straps. I use a "Gentle leader" that fits around the muzzle to stop the pulling, if I go to an area that has a lot of people. (Pets Mart or any other large pet store)
    Answered on 7/16/2016 8:16:59 AM by flifisher from Central Coast Cali
  • No it doesn't. This harness just relieves their neck.
    Answered on 7/16/2016 8:36:47 AM by Andy from Wyoming
  • I'm afraid that training your dog not to pull is going to be the only way you can prevent the dog from pulling most of the time. Find a good positive reinforcement dog trainer in your area to assist you.
    Answered on 7/16/2016 9:01:18 AM by Hound Girl from North Carolina
  • The harness will put less restrictions on your dog's neck. So, safer for the dog if it pulls.
    Answered on 7/16/2016 9:02:30 AM by Hound Girl from North Carolina
  • When fitted snugly around the chest, yes it does. Not tight, just barely snug to the body. When using the harness on my dog, he doesn't break into a run and only walks calmly. I believe the gentle, constant pressure acts in similar fashion to a Thundershirt.
    Answered on 7/16/2016 9:38:05 AM by DH from Middle Georgia
  • I've got it for my year and a half Husky. It helps control the dog better but doesn't really prevents him from pulling.
    Answered on 7/16/2016 1:13:46 PM by Valentin from Wisconsin Dells,WI