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Verified Buyer Reviewed by Icenreaker guy from Southern Ontario on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Ranger Jacket: 4-stars (by icebreaker standards)... very pricey, and while exceptionally well made, I don’t expect this’ll work in deepest Canadian winter… I have yet to find out. That said it’s very light and beautifully made, and will surely find its niche. One complaint: no loop for hanging! Really? Come on, Icebreaker!

I'm an icebreaker fanatic, which isn't to say I've loved everything I've bought from them – just almost everything. Here's my comprehensive lowdown on all things icebreaker:

Generally speaking:
- Cost: Quite pricey – no getting away from it. STP is just about the only place I've found that discounts icebreaker, and I've bought most of my items here. Products stay looking good a long time (I've seen other merino products pill up and wear out faster).
- Quality: absolutely top-notch – impeccable. Given the price it’s an overall ‘quite good’ value proposition.
- Styling: Icebreaker style leans to the slim, model-esque, super-fit physique, and that's a problem with some of their lines for those not of that body type (or age group). Most of their clothes don't suffer from this – some are better for being slim-fitting and/or longish. Full disclosure: I'm 5'6", 155lb, 45yrs old (ie. not ultra-trim!) Medium icebreakers are close to ideal on me, but can be a little snug on the waist or long in the arm.
- Merino advantages: Icebreaker’s merino wool is just incredible. It moderates temperature like nothing else. It stays un-stinky like nothing else (seriously - synthetics? Yech!). It feels, and is: lovely, high-quality, durable, and completely non-itchy (for me… I’ve seen rare murmurs about itchiness from others). This is the PERFECT material for backcountry pursuits. You can get away with fewer, lighter clothes of higher quality that’ll last for ages. It’s worth every penny.

- Bodyfit bottoms: 5-star – Incredible! They benefit from all the above Icebreaker traits. Every weight is awesome:
> 150- SO light & comfortable, like wearing a sheath of warm air. In fact these keep you feeling cool in all but high, humid heat.
> 200- Comfy and warm, could wear these 'round a cool house.
> 260- very, very warming, exclusively for use as actual long-johns in quite cold weather.
- Bodyfit tops: 5-star- more awsesomesauce. Feature thumb-loops to keep the arms on when pulling on outer layers. They’re trim-fitting, meaning they’re only as flattering as your real-life physique allows, so I personally don’t wear these as outer layer save roughing it on camping trips (where I’ll happily wear a single piece for days & weeks). So not terribly flattering – they make shirts that better fit that bill.
- Boxers: 4-star- really great, quite snug… a tad too snug for me as I like zero constriction. Not to be rude, but that stink-free quality comes into play here. ‘Hi-tech’ synthetics by comparison are just foul.
- Panties: best ever, according to my girlfriend (I have not tested these myself).

- Quantum: 5-star, impeccable. Nowhere can you find higher quality. I’ve never SEEN a better zipper in my life. They feature giant interior pockets, details like two reflective pinstripes bordering the zipper seam PERFECTLY. Nice pockets, great, snug-fitting hoods, a great, well-cut neck that zips right up snug under your chin. Just great, great, and more great. Very sporty look.
- Sierra-plus real-fleece Jacket: 5-star. Equally amazing in quality, but more casual, with less detailing, no thumb-holes and a looser hood than the quantum.
- Rover Hoodie: 3-star. Really nice if you need to step back into the early eighties. Much less sporty, far fewer details, and not at all cut like other Icebreaker products – this was a surprise to me. That said, if you want cool, casual throwback look these are high-quality and pretty awesome.

- t-shirts Tech-T lite (150): 4-star, ultra-light, tight and so a fairly unflattering shirt. These aren’t made to be baselayers, but are nonetheless quite snug. This looks isn’t great for me, and going to a large makes it just too long. Luckily they have other looser-fitting tops.
- GT: 5-star, hangs looser than tech-t, so far better for me and others not out to show off their six-pack.

Shorts & pants: these are a lovely, light and tough material that’s got a little bit of sheen and a slick feel. I don’t care too much for that, to be honest – I like a soft cotton look, yet this exudes high quality. Pants are one area Icebreaker sizes things oddly. I’m a solid 33” waist, so typically get 34” pants. With Icebreaker these are just passable with a good belt, but I found I can get just away with a 32” waist, so long as I don’t gain 4 pounds. All in all they’re sized about 1-1/4 ” large.

- Rover shorts: 5-star, these stylish, slim-cut pants occasionally do a number on my… uh… comfort, when sitting confined for a time, like in a car. So not bucket-seat friendly… they’re made for standing up. For walking & standing, just gorgeous.
- Field Pants: 5-star… gorgeous. And in chocolate brown? Yee-haw! A smoking hot pair of pants.
- Seeker Pants: 5-star, last pair of business-travel pants I’ll ever need (until they die)

Socks: The things that make Merino great make Merino socks exceptional. Of the big brands making merino wool socks, Icebreaker has the reputation of longest-lasting, least pilling socks. I find they typically are heavier and tighter (in medium for my size 8.5 feet) than I want for day-to-day use, but they’re my go-to socks for hikes & cold-weather travel.

- Realfleece 260 Sierra: 5-star, this is what started it all for me…. thoughtfully designed & impeccably made. I still wear my first well-worn icebreaker and it still looks & feels fabulous (elbow holes notwithstanding)
- Ranger Jacket: 4-star, VERY pricey, and while exceptionally well made, I don’t expect this’ll survive into deepest Canadian winter… I have yet to find out. That said it’s very light and will probably find its niche this winter. One complaint: no loop for hanging! Really? Come on, Icebreaker!
- Helix jacket: 4-star, quite pricey, light-duty fall jacket, also merinoloft, so jury’s out on how warm it’ll keep me. So ultra-stylish that I feel self-conscious in the grocery store.

Beanies: 5-star, all awesome – and I mean all! I have several weights which is ideal for fall & winter camping.
Glove-liners: 5-star really great
Gloves: 4-star, only ‘good’
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