With a little tweaking, a fine piece

Reviewed by Lady from Outer suburbs of Chicago on Wednesday, November 14, 2012
This jacket is a nice addition to my wardrobe. I was attracted to the fine detailing and fine execution of the construction. When I first put it on, I definitely saw the problem that one other reviewer did: It's styling evoked that of the stereotypical jacket worn by circus ringmasters, in the day. But I loved the fabric and detailing, so I decided to see what I could do to downplay those aspects.
First, I tried removing and repositioning the roses. Much as I liked them in the photo, they just say "theatrical" when the jacket is on. I ended up leaving them off. The jacket does really shine with the presence of red, however, so I decided to wear it with a red knit turtleneck . . . nice. To that, I added an ankle-length 6-gore skirt. Wearing a skirt, rather than slacks downplays the ringmaster thing.

The multi-layered satiny collar is a bit problematic, not wanting to lay right toward the lower parts. Steaming and a careful needle and thread have set that aright.

I moved the button over a bit, to provide more closure in the front, which also helps make this jacket less theatrical and more professional. Having the button off-center looks perfectly natural with this styling, and actually attracts a bit more attention to such a lovely carved design.

I love feminine retro, so I reintroduced the past by wearing a schoolgirl-type black felt hat and mid-height heirloom boots. Now, there's no hint of the circus, just subtle but playful feminine retro. Nice.

I recommend this piece, with the caveat that one must be careful how it is worn.
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