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  • Reviewed by busky from California on Saturday, July 26, 2014
    PLS NOTE I AM A VERFIED BUYER ON AMAZON just wanted to share my experience with the STP folks
    So. First the reason to purchase the camera
    1.my cycling magazine suggested using a camera w/4 good reasons 1.keep the peace 2. collect evidence 3. identify an attacker 4. behave yourself. and after using the camera for several weeks now it has defused both motorist and pedestrians when they see that i have a camera plain as day on my helmet.i tried both the handle bar mount and helmet mount and like the versatility of the helmet mount. just to mention i actually mount both the camera and a 800 mitycross cygolite on my helmet together which really enhances night riding visibility when playing the video back . and the weight to me is very insignificant on my head while riding.
    now lets review the camera itself. all i did was charge it up and loaded the sandisk. i purchaes the 32 gb because i am recording about 2 hours a day 5 days a week. some people say the 16 gb is enough however the 32 was just a few dollars more. now as to how long the battery lasts. others have said about 2 hours and i only had drained the battery one time and it seems that it is about 2 hours. now when you first plug your usb in the computer it while provide you with a program and their you can adjust any settings. i did not have to adjust anything for my needs. then windows promps you to download if you have pics or video. i first was choosing windows and then scrolled down to windows media player which worked better for me. just remember to check the box after you tell it to import to remove the files off your camera because if you don't your memory chip in your camera will get full and stop recording. that actually happened to me that is why i am telling you. oh so just to know everytime you turn the recorder on and off it creates a new file. so when you download it always gives you a smaller duplicate file i guess for e-mails. so then if you record 10 different times that is if you turn the record button on and off 10 times you will have 20 files when you down load.the larger file is full screen and smaller file is about 3" x 3". now you of course can view the video on your computer but since mine is not wifi i just stream the video with my hdmi cord from the computer to the t.v.and it works great. now i also ordered from amazon for $2.00 a mini hdmi adapter to plug in to the camera to the t.v. so when i am at my friends house i can play the video on their t.v. if they have a hdmi connection. you operate the video with the power button on the camera. you will either press it once to scroll and twice to select, then hold it down until it brings up the option to delete either one or all files.quite simple actually. now please note: the first camera i purchased had a which i thought a mechanical problem. when you turn it on,off,record on record off it will vibrate for a moment to confirm. mine would vibrate nonstop!! so rather that deal with a faulty unit i immediately contacted amazon and since it is a 3rd party they cannot send a replacement to you. so do a return and request a instant credit. then ordered another right then and since i am a prime member had it in 2 days. so this second one works fantastic no problems. not to say that the first one was not user error however i feel that as long as it was purchased within the 30 days let amazon take care of it. because if you choose to fix any problems with the manufacturer directly then you will pay for the shipping cost for the camera back to the factory not to mention repair time you might be looking at at least several weeks.now back to the camera it has excellent audio. when iam am riding it actually picks up alot of wind noise. now when you are turning it on you do not need to turn the on button first you can just turn on the record and it will automatically turn on and start recording.now while your recording and you want some still shots just quickly push down on the on and off button it will take as many still shots as you like each time you quickly press the on/off button and then it will continue to record. now to stop recording and turn off unit you need to turn off recorder and then turn off unit or it will stay on. where as like i said to turn back on recorder you do NOT have to turn it on first just turn on record. i forgot to mention i purchased the extended warranty the 2 year because for a few dollars you are completely covered on any drops and spills. and after owninf it for several weeks i can see where it would be very simple to drop. now the helmet mount comes with some straps however they were very cumbersome so i just used some small velcro straps and 1 zip tie for safety and works fine.now i realize some of my information may not work for everybody and maybe i have done things incorrectly however i wanted to take the time to write in detail my experience with this camera and it works great. so easy even for a not so computer person like myself. i wanted to also say i have contacted the customer service for this company and i feel they certainly contributed to the 5 star rating because lets face it with electronics of this nature most of us need some help.and helpful they have been! so in conclusion i will say that this camera has both enhanced my riding and made it safer. i sure hope my review helps.
  • Reviewed by TriakerThom from SanFrancisco on Monday, October 28, 2013
    Robust metal and plastic design. NO Need for a plastic housing to be waterproof. Takes great video and photos. Image NOT very stabilized. Photos are in 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Reviewed by AmyB from Ohio on Thursday, August 8, 2013
    It works but it's not what we expected. If you use it without the wifi it doesn't have a rattlingn sound. The iPhone app also has flaws. My husband thought the camera wasn't charging because the app said it was only at 5% charge.
    Then we contacted the customer service about these issues. They are not covering the costs to send the product in for repairs. I will send an update if they fix it.
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