Bought two. Zero probs.

Reviewed by Jon likes redwings from Ohio Heart of it all. on Saturday, March 31, 2018
So first I bought a pair of charcoal Rangers, size 12. Nothin wrong with the boots. Perfect. Factory seconds? What? Why are you selling me perfect boots like this? If I buy 2nds I expect 2nds ok. So I sent them back. Actually because they were too big. I “normally” wear a 13 in running shoes so I was like, yeah I’ll get the 12. Nope. Them’re Some big flippity flopping clown shoes and I haven’t been a clown in a long time ok. So I bought me a pair of 11.5 in the oxblood. I was a little nervous about the color see, but when I got those boots I almost cried tears of oxblood because let me tell ya, that color is pretty. Pretty sexy ok. However these boots were also perfect. More perfect than the last perfect ones. So yeah, I’m not convinced that STP even sells 2nds. So these boots fit better, I think there’s a little extra room in the toe but the width fits right. I’m gonna keep em. Also I wore them outside when I took the bride to macaroni grill and got some of mamas spaghetti if ya know what I mean. No that’s not a euphemism or some sort of lovers secret lingo. These boots aren’t broke in yet but they feel nice, see, real nice. The thick and wonderful leather is gonna love your feet so hard it’ll hurt so good, but that will pass. I’m not sure if your feet break the boots or your boots break your feet but either way you will become one with them and inevitably buy another pair. Also I used PayPal Credit and that option is awesome. Of course i can afford not to but it is pretty convenient. I’m not advertising for PayPal ok, I’m just sayin that’s what I did. I AM advertising for Italian Food however. Everyone in that restaurant is like, “those boots though.” Im tellin everyone about STP now because I just can’t keep a secret.
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