I like it more than I'd have guessed - a well made and versatile jacket

Reviewed by Overdressed from The Pacific NW on Saturday, March 2, 2013
I've tried on and bought many Jack Victor jackets and suits. They usually fit me pretty well and have pleasing fabrics. When I ordered this one, my confidence was not high that I'd keep it. A velvet sports jacket brought to mind a vintage vegas-y creepy guy kind of look that didn't sound appealing, but given how I've enjoyed other Jack Victor stuff, and the fact that they had this in my size with at a nice price, I'd gave it a try. I knew from years of experience with Sierra that my satisfaction was guaranteed and returns are a breeze. When I received the jacket, I was much more taken with it than I'd expected to be. First off, it happened to fit just right, but several other qualities impressed me. My fear that it would appear gaudy and awful were not borne out. Its herringbone pattern is quite subtle, and most importantly, its not overly sheeny. In a lot of light situations, it seems to absorb quite a bit of light and much of its surface appears a dark, flat black, plus some highlights. I was concerned that the un-flapped front pockets might be too casual, but they didn't bother me. The fabric is less troublesome than I might have thought, being fuzzy and black, but it doesn't seem to pick up a lot of fuzz or require a lot of surface maintenance to keep looking spot free. Last, I have to give a shout out for the luxurious deep-hue purple lining. I might be the only one that sees it, but it adds to the cool factor and the pleasure in wearing it. One of the best things about this jacket is that it looks luxurious and soft which lends to casual, but the black and the velvetiness lends to more formal. The result is that as long as their collars and cuffs are jacket-worthy, any of my many multi-colored sports shirts will work with it. Or, naturally, it pops with a nice white shirt or nearly any other solid too, so it pretty much works with anything. I didn't expect to, but I love it.
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