“One review stated that this coat is "Heavy". Is it heavy?”

Asked by Gaylen from New Jersey on 11/7/2014 6:30:48 AM
  • IT is not heavy I think it's lined well--and hopefully this lining will be good in freezing weather. I haven't worn it yet in bitter cold but I am hoping it lives up to it's description ...
    Answered on 11/7/2014 8:12:19 AM by karen from pA
  • Not at all, in fact it's really lightweight. I think the new technologies for insulation have really improved over time and cut the weights in half.
    Answered on 11/11/2014 8:36:03 AM by K Howard from Boston
  • Is it truly warm enough for freezing weather though? Warm as down?
    Answered on 11/10/2015 11:36:38 PM by mia from nyc