Great pants for cold-weather hiking—quick-drying, comfy, great fit

Reviewed by SJS from NYC on Sunday, February 19, 2017
These are great—comfy, soft, sturdy, quick-drying, quiet (I hate those papery hiking pants that swish when I walk), and flattering (!! yes, apparently hiking pants can be flattering, as surprised as I am to find it out). The gusset that runs all the way down the crotch and inner thighs makes it very easy to take long strides and deep lunges in them. And yet they largely look and feel like normal pants! (Well, except for that weird little semicircular patch of fabric right above the butt—not sure what that's for, and it does tend to puff out a little.) For reference, I'm 5'7", about 125 pounds, usually a size 2, and the size 34 fits me perfectly and is just the right length. They look a little tight when I first put them on but quickly stretch out a bit.
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