“Is Midnight dark blue or black?”

Asked by Beth from ohio on 4/15/2017 10:26:56 PM
  • I don't know
    Answered on 4/15/2017 10:48:17 PM by Allison az from AZ
  • black
    Answered on 4/16/2017 9:17:26 AM by Clay artist from Texas
  • Black. As well as being super comfortable, these shoes go through security at the airport if one is TSA preapproved.
    Answered on 4/16/2017 12:03:38 PM by Electrasix from Central Washington State
  • it is very black
    Answered on 4/16/2017 12:43:00 PM by Shooz from seattle
  • Midnight is black.
    Answered on 4/17/2017 11:24:14 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • They are black and I LOVE them! May order another pair in a different color. They are extremely comfortable also. I have to buy all new shoes. Broke one of my feet last summer, and cannot get into any of my "old" shoes. I was custom fitted for inserts due the instability in my foot and these shoes are every bit as comfortable as wearing the ones I can use the insert. (The insoles on these particular shoes do not come out) Hope this helps!
    Answered on 4/24/2017 2:50:42 PM by HeidiLynn08 from New York