I rarely give 5 stars - needed THIS long ago

Reviewed by Sometimes-Urban Jane from Pacific on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Strong. Doesn't feel like it will crack. Doesn't look like it will discolor/stain. Convenient to drain.

Using this in standard-size, double-bowl sink. Day-to-day dishes (without extensive cook-prep) are now easily managed without dishwasher - with this (and drying mat - STP has Joseph Joseph Flume mat). Spacing and height of times works well for multiple uses.

Had researched several, especially several Joseph Joseph at STP. This seemed the best (though, others very good, depending on the planned use). WOW! Exactly what I wanted.

Wish I'd had this when had tiny studio (bar-sink for dishes), to use this counter-top.

Leaving it in the sink (nearly all the time), the dark grey (in steel sink) is barely visible. I like the color (some may not). If you prefer to store it under the sink, the pieces nest well.

Was tempted to get a "spare." (Decided to trust that if/when it breaks, there will be something else.)

Reviews influence my purchases. If you want something in category of dish-drainer, this is tops (unless you really, always need larger size.)