Sweet & Sour

Reviewed by MissMoe from Illinois on Wednesday, November 23, 2016
The sweet: they don't look like much online but tres chic in person. The textured upper is fabulous. These can go with everything! So, yes I bought them and was happy to open the box? Ok, so I tried them on. Again, I was quite happy that the width was rather narrow BUT who sized the heel and toe box? IT ALL WENT SOUR. I have always had trouble with M width shoes, but let's face it that's all there is unless you buy granny shoes! I have dealt with this issue many times in the past. Ladies, the shoes are not too short. The HEEL IS TOO WIDE. This allows your foot to slide forward when you walk and your toes get smashed into the end of the shoe. Test it out. Put the shoe on. Push your heel back into the heel cup so it fits snug, then just stand up and DO NOT WALK . If you wiggle your toes I bet you will notice the difference. It's when you start walking that you slip forward. As for the toe box, yes it's way too wide. Maybe that's their way of correcting the heel issue? At any rate, Bozo the clown wants his shoes back! These are two painful signs of an improperly fitting shoe. Food for thought. I sent them back and got some clearance slippers for winter!
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