Category 3 Lenses

Reviewed by Rocky from Boulder, CO on Sunday, March 5, 2017
This version of the Julbo Micropore glacier glasses come with "Spectron 3" lenses. This is the same level of filtering as many ordinary sunglasses. I have found that this is not dark enough for comfort crossing a Colorado snowfield on a sunny day. I have Julbo "Sherpa" glacier glasses, also with Spectron 3 lenses, which have me squinting in these conditions, even with a broad-brim hat pulled low. The Sherpa glasses are excellent off large snowfields for moderate wind protection, filling a niche between sunglasses and goggles. The Micropore glasses will likely work just as well in this role.
For more severe conditions my Julbo "Colorado" glasses, with Spectron 4 lenses, offer better protection though the fit is less than perfect. The STP listing for the Micropore glasses with "Alti Arc 4+" lenses fooled me into thinking these glasses were much darker, Category 4+. I'm not sure how the rating system works, but Category 4 is considered too dark to wear driving--though Category 3 is OK behind the wheel--while Category 8 is for welder's glasses. Many claim Category 3 lenses work just fine on glaciers and snowfields (read reviews for Julbo glasses on Amazon). That's not my experience.
The Micropore glasses are very light and fold flat, which lets you store them in a pocket when it is not convenient to put them in a case. They seem a bit frail compared to my other glasses but promise excellent ventilation. This can be cooling on a warm day or help reduce fogging on a cold day.
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