Bad Designed Boots

Reviewed by Rosie from SYDNEY on Thursday, March 7, 2013
These Boots look good and probably are good if you have irregular proportioned feet. I bought one size up and that was good with regard to length and width, but if you need to put a sock on (not necessary in these Boots) you need a size and a half up. However if you can get them on, that's not as hard as getting them off. As previous customers have said the lineing comes out with your foot and everything jambs at the very slim ankle.... it's a nightmare, the lining also moves in one of my Boots as I walk. I would end up with a sprained ankle if I were to wear them. The sprain would happen taking them off. Mine aslo came with one top cuff 5cm turn down collar the other one has a 7cm collar. This is a fault and looks pretty bad. As I am in Australia it will be financially a step backwadrs to return them. So I am better off keeping them and not wasting any more money. I hope I can find someone with Dinky feet who might like them. I can't really on sell them, because of the odd cuffs. Oh well serves me right for trying the International internet once aghain.
Irrispective of what size the Boot is, if it fits your foot, you shpuld be able to get it on and off in comfort, and in this Boot, that is impossible.
Steer clear of this Boot unless you are able to try it on before you buy it.
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