Very Disappointed

Reviewed by InTheWoods from New England, USA on Tuesday, October 7, 2014
This was intended to be a gift for my mother, but there was a huge delay in shipping and I was forced to get her something else and so I kept this for myself when it finally arrived since I've been needing a new warm nightgown too. This item really demonstrates to me how subjective reviews are because I read the other reviews and expected this to be much nicer than it is. The description says "long sleeves" and they're not, they're 3/4 length which I find almost useless in a winter nightgown. It's also much shorter than I expected, falling only a few inches below the knee; my bathrobe is longer. The material, while soft, is a very cheap faux flannel, not the nice heavy weight flannel you see on quality catalog-type nightgowns at all - it feels like something a cheap child's nightgown might be made out of. The pattern is only on the outside so the unfinished inside shows in places after it's washed and the edges curl. Bottom line is it feels very cheap and I could have picked up something like this at the local chain department store for eight or ten bucks. Because the sleeve length and overall length are so short, this is not something that would be warm enough to wear around the house on a winter day as I expected, which makes it mostly useless to me. I feel like I paid way too much even at STP prices. I'll keep it because I'm ill and getting out to return it is too much of a hassle, but I'll have to layer long johns under it in order to cover my lower arms and lower legs so I won't bother wearing it very often. For reference, I am 5'5", 125 pounds and the nightgown is a Medium. I feel really burned on this purchase.
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