Keen Newport H2 sandals

Reviewed by Dotsie from NY on Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Keen makes good looking sandals for those of us who are into water sports or otherwise. I chose my Keen Venice H2 (just another style of the Newport) but still being the H2 model, were supposed to be "waterproof". This was essential to me as I use these sandals to fish from shore, sometimes spending three hours in the water with my sandals, which is why I chose the "waterproof" version. When in the warm waters of Florida for a month's wade fishing, I experienced separation of the sole from the sandal on one of the shoes at the heel to midfoot. Not the other sandal. I flopped around for the rest of the month with this defectively glued sandal and when I got home, I emailed Keen who responded that since their $100 sandal was over a year old, their warranty time slot, they could do nothing for me but offer a 20% discount on another pair. Haha. . BTW, my complaint, as I've later learned, was just one of many of the same complaint. So, I cleaned up the sole and reglued and clamped with a special waterproof contact cement called "Barge Cement" and I've been able to use the sandals when I fish. I'm unhappy that Keen "squeezed through" on their warranty especially since it's been proven from customers' same unglueing complaints that their glue process in a certain time period was inferior. I was lucky to be able to get another season out of my Keens but am unhappy that they didn't own up to the fact that they had a problem with the separation of the soles from their H2 sandals. If my soles become unglued again, I'm opting to buy LL Bean's "copy" of the Keen H2 sandal and then, take advantage of their customers' forever warranty, because they care about their customers, should their model become unglued which, I somehow, don't think will happen with Bean's sandals.
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