very warm and comfortable but size down

Reviewed by LC from NM on Friday, January 9, 2015
I bought one of these in December because it reminded me of a pullover a friend has from a rather expensive outdoor retailer. She loves her pullover and is always quite warm in it and I liked it but wasn't willing to pay as much as she did for one. Then I found this, and the reviews looked good, and I had a discount code so I went for it. I pretty much have worn it constantly since I got it!

It is a bit odd in feeling--the reviewer who described it as "spongey" was on target. That's the outside--smooth and stretchy. The soft, warm nap is on the inside. It stretches beautifully so it is super comfortable to wear and it is very warm, much warmer than one would expect for what is not a terribly thick layer. It is meant as a base layer, though, so it is not windproof at all, but it is very warm and insulating under something windproof. I find it a little thick to be a true underlayer, so I wear a silk underwear top under it, then this pullover, then a vest or something in my cool house, and put a shell over it all if I go out. If the weather is mild, it would serve for an outerlayer for active times, like hiking.

I usually wear and extra large (or a woman's 14 to 16) but I read reviews and went with a large which was the perfect size for me. It is close fitting, as it should be but not too tight to have a thin layer under it (I've even put a thermal shirt under it). I think with the black, it looks good close fitting and is somewhat slimming (and I do not have a perfect figure by any means!) I'm 5'6'' and weigh about 165 and it comes down over my hips, which is a fine length for this, I think. I can tuck it into pants (but for the most part don't).

Anyway, I like it so much I've decided to buy another!

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