Handy Grinder & Practical Idea

Reviewed by Rico Hardcore New Mexico from God's Country U.S.A. on Thursday, December 21, 2017
I bought this so when I was OUT in the middle of NOWHERE (like most of New Mexico) I could grind up some fresh beans & amaze my friends (or make new ones) with some REAL Cowboy Coffee. Well, it works! I really like the ability to store the extra grindings in the Mason (OOPS!) I meant Kilner Jar for later usage and keep it fresh. There is, however, a learning curve to using it. Start off grinding Medium or Coarse. Snug the adjustment screw down THEN back it off 1 turn & go from there. When you get the grinder adjusted just right, put a mark on it with a Sharpie. DON'T try to grind beans too fine. Forget Expresso or Turkish grinds. Real Cowboy Coffee is made in a percolator anyway, and that uses a coarse grind.
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