Ivory, Rhino Horn and Gall Bladders

Reviewed by Ronald E from Tehachapi on Sunday, March 18, 2018
Hunting apparel made in China doesn't make sense due to the country of origin's desire for endangered animal parts - minus a star at least.
I'm 6'1", 200 lbs, avg. build, purchased the XL.
Jacket fits good and a little on the slim side, especially arms, so layering is pretty much limited to a flannel shirt or something similar (not as easy to layer as advertised - limited layering). The slim fit doesn't seem to impede movement or mobility and slim arms/fit would be good for shooting a bow, if the alien mentioned below doesn't get in the way.
It is wind proof and while I was only in a light rain it worked there. Probably good down to 50 +/- degrees.
Not as quiet as advertised, still has some of the whoosh - whoosh noise but not not annoyingly so, unless you are hunting.
Ever seen the movie Alien? Well for some reason the middle of the jacket, when zipped and bending/sitting/etc., will get a hump at the sternum area that looks like the creature is about to shoot out of your chest/belly.
I didn't care for the way the cuffs folded over and lumped-up when the Velcro was tightened up
Nice enough jacket for hiking/camping/outdoors in windy/damp weather (not tested in heavy rain), but may be a bit noisy for hunting if you need stealth to move around.
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