“Wondering the size of the opening, can you fit ice cubes?”

Asked by James from Massachusetts on 9/12/2016 9:20:41 AM
  • The opening is approximately 1 5/8", or about 41mm, in diameter. I can easily fit ice cubes, but ours are very small. From experience with other bottles, if the cubes are too big, run them under warm water for a few seconds until they will fit. Easier than trying to crush them!
    Answered on 9/12/2016 9:32:05 AM by Matt in the Mitten from Michigan
  • Depends on the size of your ice cubes. The ones from my ice maker are thinner than most ice trays I think, but they do fit. The mouth of this bottle is the same as all the other narrow-mouth Klean Kanteen products and fits the different types of tops they offer. It's very similar in size to the Hydroflask narrow-mouth as well, if you happen to have one of those nearby for comparison. Worst case you can always melt your ice cubes a little bit before you put them in. It does work really great for keeping things cold a long time!
    Answered on 9/12/2016 11:26:20 AM by Rebecca from Portland
  • The opening is about 1.5 inches. You could fit certain kinds of ice cubes.
    Answered on 9/13/2016 10:50:34 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post